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How long do I have access to the room?
Your reservation is for 4 hours, with an additional hour for set up.

Can I reserve a space for longer than 4 hours?
If there isn’t already a party booked before or after yours, you can add on hours for an additional fee. Just let us know how much time you need. 

Can I bring in outside food?
Yes! You’re welcome to have your event catered or bring in your own food. 

Do you have caterers you recommend?
Yes! The Catered Kitchen and Thyme to Cater are great, or you are also welcome to bring in your own caterer! 

Can I bring in outside alcohol?
No, it is against the law to bring in outside alcohol and
therefore we have a very strict ’no outside alcohol’ policy. 

Can we bring in our own decor?
Yes, make yourself at home, but we do ask that you not tape anything to the walls or floor, unless you use command strips. Also, no confetti or glitter!

Can we bring in soft drinks?
Yes, drinks like tea, coffee and soft drinks are fine. 

Can we play our own music?
Yes, if you bring a phone or computer that has an audio
output, we can help you plug into our system. 

Do you have a microphone for toasts or presentations?
We do, just let us know ahead of time that you’re going to need it. 

Do you have a tv for a presentation? 
Yes, we have a large, 72” tv with HDMI inputs, just let us know you need it. 

Can I pay for my guest’s drinks?
Yes, we can put your guests on one tab. Ask us about drink tickets.


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